ESREF guidelines for the preparation of oral presentation

Tutorials are allocated 90 mins for the presentation, including time for questions.

Invited papers are allocated 40 mins for the presentation, including time for questions.

Regular papers are allocated 20 mins for the presentation, including time for questions.

The programme committee strongly recommends the use of POWERPOINT electronic presentation. Hardware available and specifications for electronic slides preparation are detailed below. Overhead projection is the only other presentation facility available.

Your presentation file will be preloaded by the secretariat. An up-to-date version can be sent by e-mail (in POWERPOINT or PDF format) in a ZIP attachment to:
Nathalie LABAT at until Thursday, October 1st.

In any case, please prepare a copy of your presentation file on a CD-ROM and leave it, at least one day before your presentation, at the registration desk (at the PALATIUM of Arcachon) with your name, the title of your session and the reference of your paper.

You can view the file the day before your presentation but no correction is allowed at site.

Guidelines for slide preparation for electronic presentation

Hardware available (minimum configuration) :

Specifications for electronic slides preparation

ESREF guidelines for the preparation of posters

The poster presentation is scheduled on Wednesday, October 7 from 16:40 to 18:00. Therefore, posters should be displayed on Wednesday morning. During the poster session, authors are requested to be available at their respective poster board location to meet with interested audience members.

The Poster session is a unique opportunity for you, the author, to provide further insight and network with your peers in an informal fashion. There will be a designated area (near the industrial exhibition area) where the poster can be displayed on boards with the reference of your paper as indicated in the programme. Please review the detailed program to identify the reference of your paper.

You will find guidelines for the preparation of posters below.

  1. Poster space
    • A vertical area of 120 cm x 80 cm (approximately A1 format) is available for the poster.
  2. Recommendations
    • Provide an introduction or outline, and a summary or conclusion.
    • Use bullets charts, equations, photographs, figures, tables... to highlight the important technical content of your paper.
  3. It may be useful to have some copies of the whole written paper submitted to ESREF.

    Simply posting a copy of the pages of the paper may result in a poor presentation for the poster session.

  4. Recommended styles
    • The title should appear in letters of at least 8 cm high.
    • Try to make all the lettering easily legible from a distance of at least 2 meters.
    • The minimal dimension of graphs and charts should be greater than 20 cm.


15 20 24 March 2009: Submission of summaries

Authors will be requested to upload an electronic file (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format) of the summary.
The four page-extended summaries must include a title page with a five-line abstract, the complete address, the fax number and e mail address of the corresponding author and the preference for oral or poster presentation. Please note that abstracts and papers must be in English.

The upload website is closed.

5 may 2009: Notification of acceptance

Authors of accepted papers will receive an author's kit, which will include instructions on the preparation of the extended paper of no more than 6 pages (including figures) for the final review, before submission to the printer. The paper must be presented at the conference by one of the listed authors

30 May 2009: Submission of final manuscripts

Elsevier Science will publish the ESREF 2009 proceedings as a special issue of the Microelectronics Reliability journal.


30 June 2009: Receipt of final papers at the Publisher Elsevier Science (UK)